Financial Relief Solutions

Payment relief, loans and other resources designed to help members facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis, job loss and other unforeseen circumstances.

BECU believes in people helping people, and are doing everything we can to help you. We take our role as your credit union seriously and have identified loan relief and payment deferral options for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We are continually developing additional ways to help, so please know that new offerings will be added as they become available.

Payment Relief Assistance | Personal Loans | Student Loan Deferral | Mortgage Payment Suspension | Business Member Assistance | Debt & Credit Counseling

Payment Relief Assistance

Short-term loan modifications and payment relief on existing BECU loans and revolving credit, including auto, boat, RV, credit cards and personal loans.

Learn more about Payment Relief Assistance

Personal Loans

We have personal loans available to assist with paying bills, rent, or other financial needs. These loans are available to members who recently experienced a sudden change in their financial situation.

Learn more about our personal loan options

Student Loan Payment Deferral

Defer payments on your student loan for up to 3 months (90 days).

Learn more about Student Loans

Mortgage Payment Suspension

Request up to 6 months of mortgage forbearance (suspension of payments) should you need to temporarily suspend your home loan payments.

Business Member Assistance

Existing business members can request payment suspension on credit cards, vehicle loans, unsecured term loans and lines of credit. Modifications are also available on existing commercial real estate loans.

Debt & Credit Counseling

Get free financial counseling to assist you with cash-flow planning, debt relief and reduction options, and overall personalized plan to help relieve financial stress.

Learn more about GreenPath Financial Wellness

BECU Resources

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Payments
    Get answers to questions you might have about the COVID-19 stimulus checks (Economic Impact Payments) being sent to many households in April.
  • COVID-19 Resource Page
    Learn more about what BECU is doing to ensure your safety and continued access to financial funding and resources.
  • BECU COVID-19 Blog
    Read more about what to do if you lose your job, information on COVID-19 scams and more in the BECU Blog
  • Greenpath Credit & Debt Counseling
    GreenPath's certified experts can help with managing a variety of financial challenges. It's a free service available for BECU members.
  • Managing Your Finances During a Crisis (Webinar)
    In an informative video, BECU Financial Educator Stacey Black shares her tips for Managing Your Finances During a Crisis. Use her insights to navigate financial uncertainty
  • Planning During Financial Uncertainty (article)
    Whether due to COVID-19, job loss, or other unexpected economic events, there are steps you can take to help you through whatever comes your way.
  • How to Create an Emergency Plan (article)
    While it may not be possible to predict when an emergency may occur, you can be better prepared by understanding the types of financial emergencies that may exist, as well as steps you can take to prepare yourself for them.
  • Understanding Balance Transfers
    Transferring a credit card or loan balance to a new credit card with a lower APR might help consolidate debt, but be sure to understand the benefits and pitfalls, as well as familiarize yourself with the rules of each financial institution first.
  • How to Avoid Foreclosure
    If you are unable to afford your mortgage or home-equity payments, but want to avoid foreclosure, BECU can help you find a workable solution.
  • Financial Health Check
    The Financial Health Check is a free program designed to help you make decisions and take actions on savings, budgeting and debt management in real-time during a confidential one-on-one call.

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