Account Code Words

Contact BECU immediately at 800-233-2328 if you suspect your account information has been compromised or your identity is stolen.

Account Code Word Best Practices

A code word is a verbal password or phrase of your choosing that you can add to your BECU account for identification verification purposes. Having a code word on your account provides an added layer of security and protection against scammers or in case of a cybersecurity event.

For a code word to be effective, it must be:

  • Unique to your BECU account.
  • Private and unknown to others.
  • Hard to guess or determine from social media (e.g., not the name of a pet or family member, favorite hobby, hometown, etc.).
  • Easy for you to remember.

To add a code word to your BECU account:

  • Complete and submit the Add, Change, or Remove Code Word form in DocuSign (not available for minors ages 17 and younger).
  • You may also print and complete the Add, Change, or Remove Code Word form and submit it, along with a photocopy of your ID*:
    • In person at any BECU location.
    • Via fax to 206-805-5612.
    • By mail to:
      Attn: Account Servicing M/S 1094-2
      P.O. Box 97050
      Seattle, WA 98124

*Parent/guardian who is joint on the account may submit a photocopy of their I.D. for members who are minors and lacking identification.

Every time you call us or visit a BECU location, employees will ask for your code word to verify your identity. You can and should securely share your code word in those instances. BECU will not request your code word via text or email, when we call you, or in any other interaction.

If you did not call BECU, or visit a BECU location for services, you should not share your code word with anyone at any time.

Never provide your code word to anyone via phone unless you initiated the call to BECU. We will not call or text you for personal identification credentials such as your code word. To confirm the authenticity of a suspicious call or text, contact BECU at an established, verifiable phone number, such as one on the back of your BECU debit or credit card or 800-233-2328.