Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions

Credit card payments are accepted via Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking, mail, and in-person at any BECU location.

Payment Instructions:

1. Online: Log in to Online Banking and click the Payments tab. Then click the red Go button under BECU Payments. Follow the instructions to select the credit card account to pay and the deposit account to debit. 

2. Mobile Banking:  Log in to Mobile Banking. Then tap the Transfer button from the accounts screen. Choose the deposit account you wish to debit, the credit card you wish to pay, and the amount you wish to pay. When you're ready, slide the red bar at the bottom to the right to submit. 

3. Telephone Banking: To make a payment by phone, dial 800.233.2328 and listen to the prompts. You will need your 10-digit deposit account number or 16-digit debit card number and telephone banking PIN to validate your identity before a payment can be made via the automated system.  

4. Mail: To make a credit card payment by mail, please send a check or money order payable to BECU along with your payment coupon to:

P.O.  Box 84707
Seattle, WA 98124

5. In Person: To make a credit card payment in person, visit us at one of our locations. Please note: payments made in person must generally be transferred from a BECU deposit account. Most BECU retail locations accept cash and check deposits through ATM machines only. Our Everett and Tukwila Financial Centers provide full teller services.

To request a credit line increase, you may submit an application through Online Banking, over the phone at 800.233.2328, or in-person at any of our locations

Cash advances can be requested using your credit card and PIN at any supported ATM machine. Note: BECU does not charge cash advance fees, but non-network ATM fees may apply. Alternatively, you may request a cash advance of $100 or more in person, over the phone, or through secure messaging within Online Banking. Cash advance requests exceeding $5,000 require a signature.

If you need to reset your credit card PIN, have your credit card handy and dial 888.886.0083.

Automatic payments may only be set up from a BECU checking, savings*, or money market* account. You may choose to pay either the minimum payment due or the statement balance. To request automatic payments on your credit card account, call us at 800.233.2328, send us a secure message in Online Banking or the BECU mobile app, or visit us at any of our locations

To dispute a transaction on your credit card account, first attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant. If the merchant does not cooperate, call us at 800.233.2328, send us a secure message in Online Banking or the BECU mobile app, or visit us at any of our locations once the transaction has posted to your account. A Cardholder Dispute Form may be required. Please note, transactions must be disputed within 60 days from the date you receive your statement. 

The best way to activate your BECU credit card is to call 800.527.7728. The line is available 24 hours a day. 

General Questions

To report your card lost or stolen, please contact us using the Message Center in Online Banking, visit any of our locations, or call a BECU representative at 866.820.2999. Telephone credit card support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To change your credit card PIN, have your card handy, dial 888.886.0083 and follow the instructions. PIN changes may be requested 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are effective immediately.   

To switch the type of credit card you have, give us a call at 800.233.2328, send us a secure message through Online Banking or the BECU mobile app, or visit any of our locations. Note: pricing may vary across different card types. For more information on credit card rates and fees, see BECU Consumer Lending Rates & Related Disclosures – Credit Cards

Yes, BECU credit cards currently support Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

To set up Google Pay or Samsung Pay for the first time, make sure you are running Android OS 4.4 or higher and you have the app installed on your device. Once installed, open the app, tap next, and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the service. 

To set up Apple Pay, ensure your device is running iOS 8.0 or higher. Open the Passbook application on your Apple device and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the service. 

The primary or joint cardholder must request to add an authorized user.  To do so, call us at 800.233.2328, send us a secure message in Online Banking, or visit us at any of our locations. Note: BECU does not report credit card authorized users to credit bureaus.

Balance Transfer Questions

Balance transfer requests may be submitted over the phone, in person, or through secure messaging within Online Banking. In order to process your request, please have the following information available:

  • Payee account number
  • Payee name
  • Payee address, city, state, and ZIP code (ZIP+4 preferred)
  • Amount you wish to transfer

Most balance transfer requests are completed within 2-3 business days, but please allow up to 10 business days for the payee to receive payment. Remember to pay at least your minimum amount due to your other lender until the balance transfer payment posts.

Any cardholder (primary, joint, or authorized user) age 18 and older can request a balance transfer.

Balance transfers are calculated as cash so there is no grace period for interest to not accrue.

Balance transfers can only be performed on accounts in good standing - meaning the account is current (not delinquent) and not over the available credit limit.

No, BECU does not allow this type of balance transfer.

You can use the all the credit available but if the amount you're transferring is equal to the available credit limit of the BECU Visa, the accrued interest will immediately put your account over your credit limit when your statement cycles.

No, you don't have to be the cardholder. For example, a parent with a BECU Visa can complete a balance transfer for their child's non-BECU card account.

Yes, you are responsible for making payments on the non-BECU card account until the BECU balance transfer check has posted.

It can take about seven days depending on your other financial institution's ability to accept electronic balance transfer payments.

No, BECU does not charge a fee for balance transfers.

No, balance transfers do not earn reward points or cash back, as they are considered cash transactions.

You can usually find this with the remit payment information on your monthly payment due notice from the other financial institution.

The interest will immediately accrue on your account when your statement cycles.

Call us at 800.233.2328 during regular business hours.

BECU requires all nine digits to ensure we send the final payment for your balance transfer to the correct non-BECU card account.

When the card image is grey and you can't click on it, it means the card is not eligible for a balance transfer at this time. The reason will be displayed in the text below the image. This happens when your account is newer than 10 days, when it's delinquent, or when it's over the credit limit.

* If automatic payment transactions are initiated from a savings or money market account, excessive transaction fees could apply. NSF fees may apply.