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Protect Your BECU Accounts with Just a Word

Learn how a simple action you can take right now could prevent unauthorized access to your BECU accounts.

While it's still extremely important to be aware of fraud, the unfortunate reality is that scammers have, and will always, adapt to find new methods. Staying up-to-date on all of the fraud and scam scenarios you might encounter could be a full time job. After all, fraud is their job, and they are good at it.

To keep yourself safe from fraudsters, there is one security feature that may be the single most effective tool you have at your disposal to protect your account: The addition of a code word.

A code word is a verbal password of your choosing, that is unique to BECU, and to be effective must be something that is unknown to others, and not easily guessed. Especially if you're one of millions whose personal information has been compromised by one or more data breaches over the years, a code word instantly provides an added layer of security.

When you call or visit a BECU location, employees will ask for your code word to verify your identity to make sure the person on the phone or in front of them is actually you, and not someone posing as you, attempting to access your accounts.

Your code word should never be provided to someone via phone unless you initiated a call to BECU. An unsolicited call or text asking for personal identification credentials is likely a scammer attempting to phish you for the data they need to access your accounts.

If someone calls or texts you indicating they are from the fraud department you should always take their name and contact information. Let them know you will hang up and call them back on an established, verifiable phone number, such as one that you obtain from the back of your BECU debit/credit card, or a phone number posted on BECU's website.

Follow these simple steps to add a code word to your BECU account:

  • Print and complete the Personal Information Changes and Requests
  • Photocopy your valid picture identification (if mailing or faxing the request)
  • Return the completed form and provide valid picture identification:
      • In person to any BECU location
      • Fax to 206-805-5612
      • Mail to:
        Attn: Account Servicing M/S 1094-2
        PO Box 97050
        Seattle, WA 98124

Be sure to contact BECU immediately if you suspect your information has been compromised or your identity is stolen. You can also report scammers to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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