PPP Application Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in the SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

This form is only to be used for a borrower that meets the following criteria:

  • Borrower had an SBA PPP loan originated with BECU in 2020
  • Borrower has not applied for forgiveness on their 2020 SBA PPP loan
  • Borrower would like to increase the loan amount as the criteria used to underwrite the loan changed after their loan approval and the borrower would qualify for additional funds with the revised criteria
  • Borrower applied for an SBA PPP loan with BECU but paid it off prior to using the funds and would like to reapply for the SBA PPP loan

Due to the high demand for this program, BECU cannot make any assurances that any applications submitted will be approved by the SBA before funds are exhausted.

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Business Authorized Representative Information

Business Authorized Representative should be an individual listed on BECUs Certification Regarding Beneficial Owners form or an authorized signer on the BECU Business deposit account.

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