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Plan Ahead: Estate Planning Basics

Topic: Trusts, Wills, and Probate
Next Seminar: Jan 29, 2015, Tukwila Financial Center

It is never too early to learn about getting your personal and financial affairs in order. This seminar is a general overview of basic estate planning issues including the use of a will and trusts for handling your estate. Discussion will cover proper titling of assets, the importance of updating your estate documents and planning for incapacity. We will also review various techniques to maximize proceeds and the various options of disposition of your estate to your beneficiaries.

Webinar - First Time Homebuyer Part 2

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Jan 29, 2015, Webinar

Part two of our First Time Homebuyer course covers helpful information such as: presenting your offer, the appraisal process, getting an inspection, and a timeline of events from offer to closing.

Webinar - 10 Tips to Reduce Debt

Topic: Debt and Credit
Next Seminar: Feb 04, 2015, Webinar

Do you want to be free of oppressive debt? Start on the path of financial freedom and learn how to prioritize your debts, establish a payment plan; identify spending issues and behavior change. These ten tips can help you manage the debt and pay it off.

BECU Home Improvement Seminar

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Feb 10, 2015, Queen Anne Community Center

Learn what you need to know as you are planning your next remodeling project. Whether your goal is home improvement or to increase your home’s selling value, we encourage you to spend time with us to learn the ins and outs of renovating, as well as what this can mean to your home’s value, lending options, and the financial benefits of using your home’s equity. Please join us and learn how BECU can help you accomplish your home’s next big project.

Webinar - First Time Homebuyer Part 1

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Feb 10, 2015, Webinar

Part one of our First Time Homebuyer course is designed to help you become a more informed homebuyer. Topics include: How to prepare your credit, maintain a budget, and how to apply for a mortgage.

Webinar - Understanding Credit Reports

Topic: Debt and Credit
Next Seminar: Feb 18, 2015, Webinar

Learn how to use free credit reports to learn what's behind your credit rating, how to correct misinformation, and prevent fraud and identity theft.

Webinar - Building Credit

Topic: Debt and Credit
Next Seminar: Feb 19, 2015, Webinar

Credit has a powerful impact on our lives! It affects our ability to rent an apartment, get a job, attain car insurance, and even purchase a home. This informative presentation teaches participants about credit reports and credit scores, the benefits of having good credit, and ten keys to effective credit building.

Getting the Most From Your VIP

Topic: Investing
Next Seminar: Feb 24, 2015, Everett Financial Center-2nd floor

This seminar will help you gain a clearer understanding of your Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) choices. We'll outline the risk/return profile of each investment option and explore the basic nature of the investment choices and sample portfolios. We’ll cover diversifying your portfolio, investment concerns, a retirement timeline, tax implications, and estate planning.

Webinar - Better Budgeting

Topic: Budgeting
Next Seminar: Mar 18, 2015, Webinar

Do you want to fine tune your spending, reduce your debt or save more money? This seminar teaches principles, practices and skills of good money management that will make your financial life easier and help you reach your goals. Come and learn how to create your personalized spending plan.

Living Trusts and More

Topic: Trusts, Wills, and Probate
Next Seminar: Mar 24, 2015, Everett Financial Center

Find out the real value of a Living Trust and what other types of trusts you may need for yourself and your beneficiaries. We review various types of trusts including: Irrevocable Trusts, IRA Trusts, Trusts under Will and Special Needs Trusts, their functions and some misconceptions of trusts. Included is a discussion of basic trust terminology along with responsibilities and duties of the trustee.

Webinar - Car Buying Tips

Topic: Autos
Next Seminar: Apr 03, 2015, Webinar

This course covers information you will need to make an informed car purchase. You'll learn what to ask sellers and tips for successful negotiations, car buying "lingo", how to calculate dealer costs and trade-in values, figuring down payments and interest rates, and how to research vehicles to choose a car the fits your needs.

Webinar - How to Read Your Credit Report

Topic: Debt and Credit
Next Seminar: Apr 16, 2015, Webinar

Learn how to use free credit reports to learn how to read your report, how to correct misinformation, and how to prevent fraud and identity theft.

Webinar - The Many Faces of Fraud

Topic: Security and Fraud
Next Seminar: Apr 30, 2015, Webinar

There are many ways an identity thief may try to gain access to your personal information. During this webinar, we will explore the ways your personal information may be at risk, how to detect if your information may have been compromised and how to respond to the situation.

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