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First Time Homebuyer 101

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Sep 30, 2014, BECU Eastside Financial Center

Become a well-informed home buyer. This seminar covers it all: How to prepare your credit, develop a budget, and apply for a mortgage, as well as presenting your offer, the appraisal and inspection, and other useful tips.

BECU Home Improvement Seminar

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Oct 02, 2014, Queen Anne Community Center

Learn what you need to know as you are planning your next remodeling project. Whether your goal is home improvement or to increase your home’s selling value, we encourage you to spend time with us to learn the ins and outs of renovating, as well as what this can mean to your home’s value, lending options, and the financial benefits of using your home’s equity. Please join us and learn how BECU can help you accomplish your home’s next big project.

Webinar - Getting Ready to Buy a Home

Topic: Homeownership
Next Seminar: Oct 21, 2014, Webinar

Become a well-informed home buyer. This seminar covers: How to prepare your credit, maintain a budget, and apply for a mortgage.

Better Budgeting

Topic: Budgeting
Next Seminar: Oct 22, 2014, Puyallup Public Library

Do you want to fine tune your spending, reduce your debt or save more money? This seminar teaches principles, practices and skills of good money management that will make your financial life easier and help you reach your goals. Come and learn how to create your personalized spending plan.

Webinar - Budgeting for the Holidays

Topic: Budgeting
Next Seminar: Nov 03, 2014, Webinar

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of a holiday spending hangover? This seminar will help you explore ways to create healthy spending habits for the upcoming holidays. It will also give you tools on how to develop skills and practices for better money management throughout the year.

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Our classroom presentations answer money questions for different ages and are taught by professional financial educators.

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